Accelerate your learning journey with MercuryUniversity

MercuryUniversity is dedicated to helping our customers and partner members efficiently adopt and make the best use of their MercuryGate solutions. We help you and your teams grow by supporting your learning journey – no matter if you are a seasoned transporation management system (TMS) professional or new to the industry. By the end of the transportation management training, you will have a strong foundation of knowledge to easily navigate through the MercuryGate platform. Also, you will be kept updated with future features and functionality.

How it Works

Learn how easy it is to become your company’s TMS subject-matter expert. MercuryGate offers transportation management training and certification programs to address a range of TMS topics at MercuryUniversity.
The TMS training is available to you in five easy steps:
  • Pick Program
  • Determine Path
  • Streamline Purchasing
  • Access Training
  • Earn Certification

Drive Your TMS skills to the next level with MercuryUniversity

Whether you are just getting started or ready to boost your skills and knowledge of the MercuryGate platform, we can educate you on how to work more quickly and efficiently.
Today, we offer four training programs:
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Dedicated to our customers to gain critical knowledge, skills, and competencies of our platform in order to make strategic decisions to deliver on ROI.
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Build a tailored program from delivery method to content. We can assist in designing the training plan to suit your business and budget needs.

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Offering our partners the training they need to deliver world-class business applications to support enterprise growth and success.
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Give logistics students coming out of college firsthand operations knowledge of the TMS system they’ll be using as professionals.

Are you currently enrolled?

Choose the right learning path, Become a TMS Expert

Today’s TMS is evolving to keep pace with the demands on business. MercuryUniversity’s transportation management training lets you capitalize on needed TMS skills. Learn task management, develop broader knowledge of the TMS system, or even gain a TMS certification. Invest in your future, be the expert.
  • Micro-Learning Modules: On-demand nuggets of bite-sized training, addressing one learning module at a time.
  • Solutions Content: Specifically focuses on our key product suite within the MercuryGate platform.
  • Advanced Content: In-depth experiences comprised of multiple modules that represent different attributes of the entire MercuryGate platform.
  • Enablement Content: Multiple courses to drive home the MercuryGate methodology, with a concentration in implementation operations as well as soft skills.

Now is the time to invest in your employees with MercuryUniversity training

Convenience matters. MercuryUniversity has a variety of pricing models for you to meet your training and certification needs. Our pricing models are determined by number of seats or program with options like unlimited seats and unlimited classes. The possibilities are endless.

Join the thousands who have grown their careers by getting certified with MercuryUniversity

MercuryUniversity offers three tiers of certifications. Level One is based on an academic approach of how-to usage of the MercuryGate transportation management platform. Level Two picks up where Level One leaves off – transitioning from academic approaches to practical applications. Level Three contains advanced, hands-on labs to enhance your configuration skills you’ll need as an expert of the MercuryGate platform.

Each certification is comprised of content from all educational paths creating a single learning path for the user to proceed through. Our certification program help you gain confidence, inspire trust, and stand out from the crowd.

All courses are available on-Demand and are accessible through your Training profile