Leveraging Multi-Modal Optimization

Leveraging Multi-Modal Optimization

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MercuryEdge is a prerequisite to taking Mojo Training

Learn more about Mojo, MercuryGate’s powerful transportation optimization solution, in MercuryGate’s New On-Demand Self-Paced Mojo Training Course.

Feed your shipments into Mojo and add as many rules and constraints as you need – Mojo will consolidate, route-plan and recommend execution loads according to the rules you have set.

You can use Mojo for analysis and planning – or use Mojo to create actual loads for execution automatically back in the TMS.

Mojo respects all declared load constraints (weight, volume, count), mode preferences, network requirements, operating hours and facility constraints, private fleet restrictions, carrier and dock capacity modeling, and many other factors.

The course includes an increasingly challenging series of optimization exercises, concluding with real-world, problem-solving datasets.